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Gene & Cell Therapy

About Gene Therapy

  • Gene therapy is widely used in the treatment of genetic disorders, it's a method which involves the transfer of a normal gene into the target cell to repair the abnormal gene defect through in vivo or in vitro therapeutic modalities.
  • Currently, gene transfer and expression are commonly performed by adeno-associated virus (AAV), adenovirus (AdV), lentivirus or retrovirus.

BiBo's CDMO services base on AAV platform

BiBo's Advantages

  • One-stop service for pDNA, gene therapy and recombinant AdV/AAV vector production and vaccines from integrated production site
  • Well established multi-expression platforms (HEK293 & SF9, and microbial fermentation platforms for pDNA production)
  • Efficient and robust AAV purification platform process
  • QbD-driven DoE optimization system to enhance and stabilize AAV vector production
  • Robust quantitative analytical assays for viral vectors
  • Core team has the experience with 7 preclinical/clinical phase I and II AAV projects as one of the first gene therapy CMC service provider in the world, and our clients including top 10 multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Capacities and Capabilities