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PanFlex® Engineering System

Achieve 1/2 Time 1/2 Cost With BiBo

Do you have biological drugs/products in clinical phases?
Are you planning to launch the product(s) within 5 years?
Do you have the following concerns?
  • Whether to build in-house manufacturing capacity or use external CDMO

  • Capital expenditure

  • Lack of expertise and worrying about the engineering work

  • Investment of MFG drain if the clinical trials don't go well

  • Challenges caused by future market uncertainties

If you are bothered by the above concerns, please contact BiBo and get to know more about BiBo Blue Whale Project, a 1/2 time 1/2 cost, risk-free solution for you.
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Mammalian Cell Lines

EPIC-CHO® GS Cell Line

EPIC-CHO® GS Cell Line, Free Cell Line Development for a Limited Time!

Clear Background

EPIC-CHO® GS third-generation cell line is introduced from CHO K1 cell source and licensed for commercialization, domesticated and screened by BiBo's professional CLD R&D team, and obtained by using patented GS knockdown technology with high protein expression, etc. EPIC-CHO® GS has completed comprehensive testing of the cell line, and meets the filing requirements.

Mature Matching

Bibo has supporting expression vectors, media and culture processes to ensure stable production capacity from cell line development to commercial scale production and accelerate research and development progress.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

EPIC CHO® GS has completed comprehensive testing of cell lines and meets the requirements for biologics filing and marketing in China, the United States and Europe.

Stable and reliable cell line construction platform

BiBo has a complete stable and reliable cell line construction platform. With years of technical service innovation and rich project experience, BiBo is able to provide customized service solutions to meet customers' needs, including vector construction, stable transfection, high expression cell line screening, monoclonal screening and GMP-compliant library construction process. We are committed to ensuring the standardization, safety, stability and efficiency of our services to help our clients' projects rapidly advance to the IND filing stage, thereby effectively reducing production costs and providing strong support for their pharmaceutical innovation projects.

EPIC-CHO® GS Host Cells Complete Package

EPIC-CHO® GS has a complete package of solutions, including expression vector system (pBG series) with independent intellectual property rights, and high expression medium, which empowers customers to fast-track their projects from molecular sequence to commercial delivery.

Cell Line



Expression Vector

  • pBG

  • pCG

EPIC-CHO® GS, with its reliable transfer stability (PDL=90), fully meets the requirements of BiBo's proprietary 30,000-liter scale-up in a single tank, empowering customers to commercialize their antibody and protein projects at a more competitive production cost and stable supply.

Microbial Strains

Platform Capability

Available E. coli Expression System Components

Vector optimization: screening combinations of different signal peptide, promoter, dissolution enhancing tag, and purification tag, etc.
Host selection: BL21(DE3)、Rosetta-gami (DE3) pLysS 、BL21(DE3) pLysS, etc.
Accessory proteins: DsbA, Dnak, DnaJ, GroEL, GroES and more than 10 other proteins to the target protein secretion amount.

Available P.pastoris Expression System Components

Expression hosts: X33、GS115、KM71、SMD1168, etc.
Selection of promoters: inducible promoters PAOX (PAOX 1 and PAOX 2), constitutive promoter PGAP, etc.
Signal peptides: Several signal sequences are available, to ensure a precisely cleaved N-terminus of the product and high titer.
Copy number: single or multicopy
Accessory proteins: Hac1, Bip, Pdi, Ero1 and more than 10 kinds of auxiliary proteins, to enhance the target protein secretion amount.

Procedure Content
Plasmid construction Plasmid profile
Strain screening High throughput screening
Multi-copy strain screening Antibiotic or Antibiotic free selection marker
High density fermentation High throughput mini-bioreactor system