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Employee Development

  • You will participate in the engineering construction of the world's first stainless steel bio-GMP production line with a volume of 30,000 liters in a single tank in the global CDMO industry, as well as its production and operation, which will fill in the core gaps of China's bio-pharmaceutical industry, so as to make "the people have access to medicines, affordable medicines, and good medicines";
  • You will be trained in an all-technology biopharmaceutical platform with mammalian cells, microorganisms and gene therapy;
  • You will become a member of PanFlex®Talent Pool, which will enable you to improve your personal ability; for those who have excellent performance, you will have both technical and managerial career promotion channels;
  • You will change history with us and build a better future for global biopharmaceuticals.

Diverse, Equal and Inclusive
Working Environment

  • We sincerely invite you to have a dream and be enterprising, to stimulate the youth without regret on the global stage, to stimulate the potential, to achieve the team, to achieve the self!
  • If you have passion, love challenges, willing to learn, good at thinking and collaboration, please join us!
  • The promotion system of "no restriction on academic qualifications, only talent is used"!
  • Technical and managerial career promotion channels!

Employee Benefits

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